Art Submissions

"Submissions - Call for Entries - Deadline June 1st, 2020"

Rules for Art Submission

  1. This will be an online exhibition at the Idaherma Foundation and we are seeking creative artists who do original works on paper not done in any class or with any instructor within the last three years
  2. Please send a CD, not-returnable, of your work with a short resume and a short 400 word statement of your work.
  3. No artwork should be submitted, only CDs.
  4. Size: No larger than 18” x 25” and no smaller than 5” x 8”.
  5. These will be juried by a professional artist and accepted online
  6. The Foundation will not compensate for a lost CD but you must sign an entry form that permits us to show your work.
  7. If there is any interest in sales it will be directed to you
  8. Work must have been created within the last three years and not shown at any exhibit.
  9. Fee for entry, $25 2 entries per person.
  10. The longer edge of the artwork must no more than 1500px. For example by 1500x by 1500x square 800px by 1500px landscape, 1500px by 800px portrait.
  11. The artwork must have at least 72 dpi resolution
  12. The images must not be watermarked
  13. The images must not include a frame.
  14. Accepted type of files: .jpg, .jpeg and .png
  15. A monetary amount will be given a prizes.
  16. Prize money will mailed to you; please include your post office address and telephone number.
  17. Any submissions not meeting these criteria will be automatically discarded.
  18. A list of awards will be published.