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My work with woodblock prints explores the beauty of the wood and its transformation into a print. The empty block is a challenge and the cutting of the wood with my wonderful tools inspires me to go beyond the block. I work with different series and the current series I’m now working on is my Flower / Nature series.

My love for color explores the exquisite qualities of the flowers and inking the blocks with a zillion inks brings out the amazing concept of each work.

I hand print each block with the use of a Japanese baren on special handmade papers that I select for the print. These prints are in limited editions.

I have a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsyvlania, 1963.  I also attended the Advanced Studio at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and hold a BFA in Illustration from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

Idaherma Williams was Past President of the American Color Print Society and was a board member of the Society of American Graphic Arts.

www.idaherma.com  ●  idwill@comcast.net