Juror's Statement - Mary Teichman

Juror Statement


I was so pleased to get a call from Ida last summer, asking me to jury the upcoming Fourth Annual Online Exhibition of the Idaherma Museum of Art. Sadly, Idaherma passed away shortly after our first conversation. The Foundation continues to support her legacy and her mission "to discover and promote artists worldwide who exemplify a passion for art and understand the beauty and impact that their art conveys." Ida’s hope was that through encouraging artists the world would become a more beautiful and peaceful place––more important than ever in these disturbing times.


This year the exhibit received more entrees than ever before, which certainly would have pleased Idaherma! There was an enormous array of techniques and styles for me to choose from: prints and paintings to digital art and collage. A great diversity of aesthetic ideas as well, including abstraction, realism, conceptual and political art. I tried to include a wide range of styles and subjects, selecting the strongest pieces as prize winners. In these pieces, I felt that the artists' technical expertise and artistic intention were equally represented, resulting in very powerful work. Congratulations to all of the artists who participated.


I thank Evan Williams for his help and encouragement, and for the honor of contributing to Idaherma's dream.