Presidents Letter 2022

July 11, 2022


Dear Friends,

The Idaherma Museum of Art Foundation Inc. welcomes you to our Fourth Annual Online Juried Exhibition. Idaherma Williams, who passed away a year ago asked that we create an organization that< through the Arts would bring a peace to the world. To have an artistic vision is to see this planet in a thousand different dimensions: Idaherma was a talented painter and printmaker, who like our current artists could show us through art things we may not have noticed before.


Contemporary Art gives us a means of commenting upon the environment in which we live. Contemporary Art, for lack of a better term, reflects our world, and yet we might claim that “Life follows Art,” or “Art is Life” rather than “Art imitates Life.” Contemporary Art is of importance to us because it helps us to reshape our world. Contemporary Art is abstract and complex, and it causes us to think.



I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Manhattan, New York City and I coined a new term after viewing many artworks at the museum: “Abstract Minimalism.” Idaherma would not have been happy with this! Terms like “Modernism,” “Post-Modernism,” and “Abstract Expressionism,” have helped us to clarify the work of not just one school of painting but an entire epoch of Art, and yet, we are constantly asking “What’s next?” An independent vision of Art, such as those of our current artists helps us to see our world with a fresh gaze.



I write this note as the Idaherma Museum of Art Foundation, Inc., celebrates its Fourth Annual Online Exhibition and enters its fifth year as a 501c3 Non-Profit based in New Jersey. Unlike last year when there were so many things to attend to, I am more ready to create web designs and a better virtual museum. I hope that you will enjoy this show of visual artists from cities and towns throughout the United States






Evan Williams
President and Secretary
The Idaherma Museum of Art Foundation, Inc.