Brian Testa

Submitted by evanwconsl on Mon, 07/11/2022 - 08:33

My most recent series of paintings invoke my fascination with water. Deep respect and reverence translated into Plein air paintings. The subject of this series is water, most recently, the ocean and formations in the sky.  
My work captures the essence of what will later fade into memory; digital or traditional.  The work is created on-site, breathing in the ocean, lake, or river air. I take liberty adapting details to my innermost moods, thoughts, or ideas. The painting acts as a memoir of the memory of being and experiencing capturing my field of view using traditional observational skills. My work captures changes in atmosphere and light during the duration of the painting. My process utilizes the ephemeral nature of calk and soft pastels to layer forms and colors directly on top of one another. In this respect, my mark-making is influenced by the wind, sun, and shadows that flow and dance together.

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