Aaron Krone

Submitted by evanwconsl on Sun, 07/10/2022 - 23:10

Aaron’s goal is to create a scene that includes the emotion and the mood of the location.  He wants the image of a locale to engage the viewer and give insight into the current environment being expressed. It is his hope that the art will suggest stories to the viewer about the scene depicted.

Aaron is influenced by a number of artists including Richard Diebenkorn who said, “Reality has to be digested, it has to be transmuted by paint.  It has to be given a twist of some kind.”  He considers this idea when I represent scenes with visual images.

Aaron Krone is an Associate Professor of studio arts at Friends University, Wichita, Kansas.  He teaches the compositional design, drawing, painting, and figural classes and is a member of the Art Education Committee for the Sedgwick County Arts Council. He has won national and international awards for his artwork.

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